Grand Est: A Truck hit a Snow Plough in the Vosges, Two Injured

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truck hits snow plough in vosges

A truck collided with a snow plough on a provincial road of the Vosges where snow falls in abundance since the weekend. Both drivers suffered minor injuries

A lorry violently collided with a snowplow in Gerardmer (Vosges) Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 7 am on the D417.

The accident occurred in the direction Gerardmer-Remiremont on a heavily snowy road since Monday. A truck fell into wallet in the middle of the road and struck the vehicle that was trying to shovel the county, say the police.

The snow plough came to a stop in the ditch . Both drivers  were slightly injured  and taken over by the firefighters. They were taken to the hospital of Saint-Die-des-Vosges.

Deviation implementation

Traffic, already heavily affected by the metrological conditions had to be cut much of the morning. A detour has been established towards Bruyeres time to clear both vehicles. Traffic has been restored in the morning.

Snow falls in abundance on the Vosges. On the summits, more than 50 centimetres have accumulated between Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November. Snowfall is expected to continue on the heights this week before a scheduled arrival in plain Thursday on the Lorraine region, according to Météo France.

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