Weather: Snow, Expected in Two-Thirds of France

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Snow is forecast for two thirds of France

From Thursday, the snow, which has not fallen so early since 2010, will cover the whole country except the South East and the Arc Atlantic. The forecasts.

The flakes had not fallen as early since … 2010. From Thursday, November 30, a huge snowfall will cover two-thirds of the country and will last until Saturday, December 2. Météo France has also put nearly half of the yellow alert departments “snow ice” .

But already, the mountains were copiously served, like the Vosges , on the night of Monday to Tuesday: 

The snow could hold ground on half the country

According to the Weather Channel , the situation begins to deteriorate on Wednesday with a widespread drop in temperatures across the country, sometimes below 0 degrees. Of freezing fog and rain is expected in the West, and some flakes could fall in the East.

The snow is expected to more generally on Thursday of Normandy to the Grand East . The snowy forehead then descend to the south of the Massif Central. “The cold will be accentuated by the strong northwest winds on the Normandy coast with a feeling that often come down to -2 ° C,” says the Weather Channel. The snow could be maintained on a good half of the country.

Difficult traffic conditions

On Friday, the flakes fall in small quantities in the southwest (in small quantities).

Be still cautious, traffic conditions could deteriorate due to ice and low snow cover on the roads. 

Before taking the road: 

  • Learn driving conditions.
  • Adapt your driving to the road conditions and pay attention to road conditions and weather (temperature, humidity …).
  • Be careful when approaching bridges, shaded and moist parts, turns …
  • Equip yourself with useful accessories to traffic in winter (scraper, antifreeze bomb, gloves …).
  • possibly reverse your normal route to reach the priority treaties routes.

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