Formula 1: Ocon Threatened with Death by Mexican Fans of his Teammate Perez

Increased security for the French Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon

MOTORSPORT: Force India had to put a increased security at the disposal of the French formula 1 driver …

French formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon (Force India) said on Thursday that he had received death threats from supporters of his Mexican teammate Sergio Pérez and that security measures had been put in place on the sidelines of the Grand Prix. Mexico expected Sunday.

“I have been the target of many death threats since the Azerbaijan GP” in late June, he said. In question:  the intense rivalry on the track between Ocon and Pérez , marked in 2017 by collisions in Baku and Spa, so much so that their team ended up forbidding them to attack each other in the race.

His arrival in Mexico, initially scheduled for Monday, was postponed to Wednesday, and his team has made available an armored vehicle for his movements, a police escort and several bodyguards.

“We had to take precautions to avoid problems, and today I have all the people I need for my safety,” said Ocon. “I was expecting a rough reception from fans after all these messages and negative comments received on social networks, but this was not the case, quite the contrary,” he said rejoicing. Ocon is not worried about being hooted Sunday at the drivers’ parade before the race. “As long as you do not throw a stone in my head, it’s okay,” half joked the Frenchman.

His teammate tried to lower the pressure in a press conference, explaining that his relationship with Ocon had been pacified since the Italian Grand Prix in early September . “It’s still sport. I think the fans will support him here, “said Pérez, ahead of Ocon by 13 points in seventh place in the drivers standings.

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