Dunkirk: 10 Tons of Smuggled Cigarettes Seized

Local News
Dunkirk customs have seized 10 tons of smuggled cigarettes

The Dunkirk customs officials seized Oct. 4, 10 tons of smuggled cigarettes in a container from Singapore, said to contain … utensils for delivery in Belgium, announced Thursday

A total of 51,450 Packets were seized thanks to a dog specialized in tobacco detection, the ministry of Public Accounts in a statement. A judicial investigation was opened. Customs had also seized onthe 10th October, three tons of contraband cigarettes during a check of a trailer at the ferry terminal in Loon-Plage.

The Romanian truck driver, who was travelling to Britain, was sentenced to six months suspended sentence and a customs fine of one million euros. Over the past three years, the Customs seized 1,500 tons of tobacco, says Bercy.

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