Nantes to Measure the Electromagnetic Wave

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The city of Nantes is to measure the Electomagnetic waves across the city

The Nantes area will acquire a device to measure these fields. Health prevention measure is part of the law.

Nantes metropolis will buy a spectrum analyzer, a device to measure electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic fields, what is it?

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere. Any electrical installation creates in its neighborhood an electromagnetic field, consisting of an electric field and a magnetic field. What is also called the electromagnetic waves emitted by the particular phone antennas.

What effect?

The health effects are feared. Often, residents are mobilizing when they have knowledge of a mobile phone antenna installation project.  At some level, thermal effects (heating of biological tissue) are proven. Some people are more sensitive than others to these waves.

A law that frames

The spectrum analyzer that the city will acquire is in line with the loi Abeille.  This law, adopted in 2015, oversees exposure to electromagnetic waves. Upstream, it is necessary to assess the power. The same law prohibits wifi signals in “reception areas, rest and activities areas of children under 3 years.”

And every year, the National Frequency Agency will publish a list of places where the wave level is important.

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