Do not place your mobile phone close to your body

It is Not Good to Keep your Mobile Phones Close to the Body, according to ANSES

BAD WAVES: ANSES publishes on Monday its expertise on the dangers of exposure to mobile phones worn close to the body In a report published on Monday, the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) assesses the possible health effects of exposure to mobile phones. When worn very close to the body, smartphones can be a health […]

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17 models of smartphones are named to emit too much radio waves.

Huawei, Nokia, Wiko … Smartphones That Emit Too Much Electromagnetic Waves

Do your smartphones emit more radio waves than the authorized limit? 60 million consumers name bad phone marques in an investigation. Details. Which of the smartphones are the ones that emit electromagnetic waves above the authorized limit? This is the alert that launched the consumer organization, 60 million consumers , which has identified 17 mobile phone models exceeding since early 2018 the maximum […]

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The city of Nantes is to measure the Electomagnetic waves across the city

Nantes to Measure the Electromagnetic Wave

The Nantes area will acquire a device to measure these fields. Health prevention measure is part of the law. Nantes metropolis will buy a spectrum analyzer, a device to measure electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields, what is it? Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere. Any electrical installation creates in its neighborhood an electromagnetic field, consisting of an electric field […]

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