Gers: With One Hand in Plaster, Caught Speeding at 185 km/h

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Motorist caught speeding in Gers with hand in Plaster

ROAD SAFETY: A hand in plaster did not stop a motorist committing an excessive speeding on Sunday south of Toulouse …

Sunday auspicious for the gendarmes of the motorized platoon Muret. This Sunday in Pinsaguel, south of Toulouse, the military has identified five motorists for major speeding. While the speed on this stretch of the D820 is limited to 110 km/h three motorists were monitored at 195, 185 and 159 km/h. The second, aboard a powerful Audi R8, had the distinction of having a hand plastered on his interception …

Apprentices also taken

In addition, two holders of a probationary license respectively pushed their “fireball” at 156 and 153 km/h. But a Padawan of the road can not exceed 100 km/h there. Each member of this club of five was stripped of his license and is liable to prosecution

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