Marlène Seguin, Journalist for LCI, Died Suddenly Aged 27

Marlène Seguin was for three years on the LCI channel.

Marlène Seguin, journalist for the channel LCI, aged 27 years old, died Monday after a riding accident, in Champdieu, Loire.

Marlène Seguin was for three years on the LCI channel. A graduate of the School of Journalism IPJ and winner of the Patrick-Bourrat, rewarding the most talented future TV journalists, Marlène Seguin including covering the major horse races and participated in the magazine 24 hours issues.

Seasoned horsewoman, she was alone when she made a riding accident on Monday before 4pm. According to France Bleu Loire Saint-Etienne , these are residents who saw the horse, alone and harnessed on path Jobert in Champdieu. The young woman was found unconscious a few meters away in a ditch.

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