Fires in Corsica: 1500 Hectares Burnt, 700 People Evacuated

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1500 hectares have been burnt from fires in Corsica

Two major fires during Friday night Sisco and in Balagne (Corsica) have destroyed 1500 hectares and the evacuation of more than 700 people, no casualties

Both fires still ongoing Friday night in Sisco and Balagne and have destroyed 1,500 hectares, and the evacuation of 700 people. 

Two fires

The first fire party on the night of Thursday to Friday in Nonza, northwest of Bastia, continued to move towards the east coast, a “more urbanized area” , according to rescue there. The second fire located Manso, “less important” , has covered 150 hectares of bush and forest, “but does not threaten homes or people” , said the prefect adding that “the place is inaccessible to aid” . “The fire spread fast due to strong winds up to 100 km/h on average” , said the prefect Gérard Gavory.


In total, “500 people were evacuated from a camping Pietracorbara (…) and 180 other Sisco” towards “school, convent or with people” , said the prefect of Corsica Gérard Gavory. In addition, “a few dozen hikers G20 were sheltered in shelters” , he added.

“We invite people to stay in their homes, close their doors and windows” , insisted the prefect.

Nearly 240 firefighters and 45 vehicles are involved, but the planes could not fly because of the wind gusts, said the rescue.

Drought and strong gusts of mistral

The fire has experienced a sharp increase since the end of the morning due to a wind blowing up to 120 km/h. Authorities again urged people of great caution in the Var and Corsica, due to a high risk of fires related to extreme drought and strong gusts of mistral winds provided.

Since mid-July, the South East of France and Corsica experiencing repeated fires that have ravaged more than 7000 hectares of vegetation. The fire that broke out Friday at 2 pm in the town of Nonza (Corsica) has covered 300 hectares of vegetation, without threatening housing, according to a latest report delivered Friday afternoon by emergency Haute Corsica.

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