Brest: Two Elephants Wander into Town

Local News
The two elephants roaming free in the port of Brest. | DR

Two elephants from Amar circus were seen and photographed running free at the commercial port in Brest. The circus says it was a walk.

“It’s nice but impressive.” Big surprise for Yvon downhill drive to the commercial port of Brest, on Thursday afternoon. “I first saw an elephant, against the wall railings. I thought he was attached. Then I saw another, a large male with impressive defenses.”

The animal then walked around the car Yvon, not be aggressive. “But we can imagine that this can give if he started to load.” At that time, traffic was still quiet in this area of Brest. “But a small crowd began to form to watch.”

Contacted, the circus says it was “the walk” of the two elephants …

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