Weather in Lorient: Unstable Saturday, Rainy Sunday

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The weather for Lorient and the surrounding area this weekend

Depression driven from Ireland to the UK will generate a westerly flow disrupted, windy and very fresh winds.  The sky will be mostly grey this weekend. The walks in the fresh air is good too …


Rain at dawn and in the early morning, the sky soon becomes cloudy unstable morning with the arrival of the first ocean showers. By late morning, at midday and in the afternoon, brief rain alternated with numerous towering cumulus and generating frequent showers, sometimes stormy, with a marked freshness.

Back progressive thinning by the coast in the late afternoon. Wind west southwest (force 3-4 gusting 35-45 km/h, 55 Groix and coastline exposed) veering west in the afternoon (4 strength, gusting 40-50 km/h, 60-65 Groix) in clearly accentuating the feeling of coolness.

Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1.5-2 m. Min: 12 / 13 degrees; maximum: 17 / 18 degrees; (11 / 12 to  18 / 19 degrees inland). Clouds, cumulus and sustained west wind in the evening.


Veiled at dawn, the sky clouded over in the course of the morning and then covered before the end of the morning. Arriving at midday a minimum low pressure in the south of Morbihan will generate an overcast and grey sky throughout the afternoon with a moderate and continuous first rains and quite abundant and continuous.

Weak wind from the southwest in the morning, south to midday veering west in the afternoon freshening (force 3 and 4, gusts 30-40 km/h and 40-50 km/h, on 60-65 Groix and facing west coast). Fort Blocked: swell from west 1.5m. Min: 12 / 13 degrees; maximum: 17 / 18 degrees; (11 / 12 to 17 / 18 degrees inland). The rains that are evacuated to the east in the early evening before the return of a variable and fresh air.

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