Weather in Lorient: Cloudy and Changeable

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Rain freshness on the menu, but also cloudy, there will be something for everyone this weekend in and around Lorient

This weekend in and around Lorient, the anticyclone centered in the Atlantic towards Brittany leaves attenuated fronts along the Channel coast.


Cloudy in the morning with rare drops, the sky remains cloudy in the morning and midday in connection with an inactive falling edge Channel. If early in the afternoon, the atmosphere is cloudy north of Plœmeur-Lanester Kervignac-axis with small clouds, they are more visible on Groix and the coastal border.

Between 4pm – 5pm, the clouds will start to thin becoming more generous on the coast quickly win all of Morbihan. northwest winds (force 4 gusting 30-40 km/h, 50-60 Groix) weakening the afternoon (3 strength, gusting 20-25 km/h, 35-40 km of Groix and beaches exposed).

Fort Blocked: westerly swell / northwest 1-1.5 m. Min: 12 / 13 degrees; maximum: 19 / 20 degrees; (11 / 12 degress – 20 / 21 degrees inland). Clear sky and nightly fee; 18 degrees at 8pm and 14 degrees at midnight.


Veiled at dawn, the sky was quickly covered in early morning with the arrival of a front attenuated from the ocean generating morning and mid-day covered and gray skies with light mist. In the afternoon, the first sky cloudy precedes the return of a variable sky clouds, more visible on Lorient and the coastal border, and cumulus layer, more to the north of an axis Plœmeur- Lanester-Kervignac.

Wind west northwest low veering west Moderate afternoon (force 3, 20-30km/h gusts 30-35 Groix and the coastal border). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1m. Min: 12 / 13 degrees; maximum: 20/ 21 degrees (12 / 13 degrees to 21 / 22 degrees inland). Clear in the evening; 18 degrees at 8pm and 14 degrees at midnight.

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