Rennes: The Police tried to Intercept a Car, Driver Dies

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The car overturned on the roof in Rennes. The driver died

A motorist was killed on Sunday 30 July, shortly after 8am in Avenue Janvier, before the Zola school. His vehicle overturned on the roadway. A few minutes earlier, police had used their weapons to stop the vehicle, outside the station. One of the officers hit by the car was injured.

This Sunday, July 30, at 8.10am, a motorist was killed, avenue Janvier in Rennes, following a police check went wrong. The car traveling with two people on board has turned up on the roof of the Zola school.

The deceased driver

Upon arrival, firefighters extracted the driver of the vehicle that was in cardiopulmonary arrest. A Smur team tried in vain to revive him. The passenger of the vehicle, unharmed but highly alcoholic, was arrested by the police. He was placed in the drunk tank, waiting to be interviewed by investigators.

Police officer injured

The police first called around 8 am by witnesses who reported a group of three people who were sowing trouble on the terraces of businesses located at Rennes station, overturning tables and scooters parked in the area. A witness had reported that one of the members of the trio was carrying a knife. “Three officers of the air and border police then intervened on the spot. When they arrived, two of the three individuals reported attempted to flee on board a gray Twingo.” One of two officials was hit by the vehicle, the other two police officers then fired in an attempt to stop the vehicle, said the prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet, who visited the scene of the accident. 

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