Weather: An already Very Hot Weekend before an Almost Scorching Week

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The weather in France is already will be hot on Saturday, but the thermometer will continue to climb this week.

The time this Saturday will be sunny throughout the country except the north which will see passing clouds. The thermometer should rise to 36 degrees today on the Mediterranean coast. Tomorrow, Sunday, the thermometer still climb a little more for a week where heat records could be beaten.

Full sun, almost. The sun will prevail without difficulty most of the country. The few grays observed the morning on the northern coast of Brittany and the south of Aquitaine will be quickly dispelled. In the afternoon, we just observe some budding or even a downpour on the southern Alps and the Corsican mountains.

The north wind will blow moderately, around 60 km/h. Mistral remain more sustained with gusts up to 80-90 km/h. The temperatures will be between 10 and 14 degrees on the northern half and the Auvergne, between 14 and 18 degrees in the south, between 19 and 23 degrees on the Mediterranean rim.

Up to 36 °

The highest will be again on the rise. Between 20 and 24 degrees in the afternoon on the coast of Channel 26 at 30 degrees in general on the rest of the country, 31 to 33 of the South-west plains, and more often 32 to 36 Mediterranean regions.

Only the North escape the heat today. Gradually morning, clouds from Belgium invade the north of France to the Seine valley, the north of Lorraine and Alsace. In these areas, the afternoon will continue in alternating rain and clouds. From sunny resist the coast of Pas-de-Calais in Caux.

On Sunday peak heat

France will know Sunday from a heat spike that should classify June among the five warmest recorded since records began. “This heat spike will last several days” in the country, and at least until Friday to the south, according to the forecaster Meteo France, Frederic Nathan.Il be closely monitored nighttime temperatures, does highlights -he asked about the risk of a heat wave. But it is too early to predict yet, added the specialist. A heat wave is characterized by hot days and nights over two consecutive days.

From this weekend the temperatures will have “a summer nature” , especially on Sunday where he will 31-32 ° North, 34 degrees to the southwest. In the Loire Atlantique there should be more than 35 degrtees, for example inland at Landes. Monday it will be an average of 33 degrees in the north, 34 degrees in the south, and Tuesday 33 degrees everywhere else. It will be dry, with individual storms. Mercury will go down slightly north midweek, but will remain above seasonal averages (normal for the middle of June being 22-23 degrees in the north and 25 degrees in the south).

Already records

Since the beginning of the month, the country already had warm repeatedly. On the night of Thursday to Friday, nightly records have also been beaten in the south. At Salon-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) temperature has not dropped below 24.8 degrees. A record of all months for this town, since surveys carried out there (1939). At the airport of Montpellier they remained at 25.1 degrees, a record for June. Nocturnal records also in Cassis (24.5 degrees) or Marignane (25 degrees).

At the origin of this phenomenon, the presence of high clouds blocking the heat, and a northwest wind lobbying by falling Cévennes.

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