The Minister of Health is not against a 10 € Pack of Cigarettes

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The Minister is not against the idea of ​​wearing a pack of cigarettes to 10 €. | Reuters

The price of a pack of cigarettes would be increased to ten euros in France while the ban on Vaping in certain public places will apply as expected in early October, said the Minister of Solidarity and Health in an interview with Le Parisien

The price of a pack of cigarettes is currently about seven euros. Asked to say if the price of a pack of cigarettes would be increased to ten euros as promised by Emmanuel Macron during the election campaign, Agnès Buzyn replied: “This is an option that should be discussed with all stakeholders. (…) I am not against this increase. “

A very high smoking rates

The Minister expressed concern for the youth and women’s health. “The smoking rate for the age group of 20 to 40 years in France is the highest in the world”, she said. In this interview in Paris, she said not to wish for the promotion and the development of the electronic cigarette, since it believes that this is not “an effective tool” to stop smoking, a necessary requirement  “to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease” .

Vaping ban in public places

“So we will not return on the Prohibition of vaping implementation on the 1st October in some public places”, she says.

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