State of Emergency: Édouard Philippe says “It must not become Permanent”

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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says that Power of Emergency must not be permanent

The state of emergency should be extended until the 1st November. This state of emergency should it become permanent? “No” says Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, recalling this morning that the level of threat in France is “extremely high.”

Must the state of emergency be a permanent condition? “No” slice the prime minister. “The priority of the president and this government is ensuring the safety of French. The level of threat we face is extremely high; since 2015 but at the time I speak, “ recalls Édouard Philippe this morning on Europe 1.

“We must ensure the security of the French with a view to leaving the state of emergency” , Édouard Philippe shade. The state of emergency provides for derogations extremely in common law.  We can not live permanently in France in a state of emergency. “

Two initiatives will therefore be taken by the government. The first is the extension of the state of emergency until the 1st November.  At the same time, the government wants to “complete the legal arsenal available to the public authorities in compliance with the constitution.” This justifies Edouard Philippe, that “the security forces, under the constant and vigilant control of the judge, be able to take action only in the fight against terrorism, which allow to know that individuals do are not left in the wild even though the information us to believe that they could take action. 

“A particular situation” will be set up for the French could do their civic duty also announced the Prime Minister.

In another note, when asked about the elections in the UK , Edouard Philippe considers “a surprise” of the small majority obtained by Theresa May.  For the Prime Minister, Theresa May will still remain “a credible partner” . Edouard Philippe does not see in this election in any way to review the Brexit.

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