Paris: The Hottest Night Since 1872, Heat Records Broken … The summer Starts Strong

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Record night temperatures in Paris

WEATHER: Thursday, 37 degrees are expected in Paris …

Paris has just experienced its warmest recorded temperature since 1872.  On Wednesday night, the temperature was Rising. In midsummer, the temperatures are mounted well above seasonal norms. The capital remains a furnace for the day on Thursday, with 37° C.

Records broken

The 37 degrees on Wednesday in the capital, were 14 points higher than normal, reports BFM TV . The judges, registrars and lawyers from the special criminal court in Paris even had the right to remove their gowns because of the heat, on the advice of the president, reports the Huffington Post.

The feeling was even 43.5° C. According to the news channel, other records were achieved with 37.5° C at Toussus-le-Noble (Yvelines) or 37° C in Brétigny (Essonne) beating some records, set on the 27th June 2011.

The highest temperature recorded at night in the month of June was in 1976 was 23.4° C.  An unbeaten record until that night from Wednesday to Thursday.

At 6 o’clock on Thursday morning, it was about 24° C in Paris. In Montsouris Park, 23.7° C precisely according to Meteo France, which announced 30 ° C between 8 am and 10am. Time to cool off was short.

The next night, that of Thursday to Friday, the pressure will go down as planned: it will be 19° C at 5 am.

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