Weather: It will (still) be Very Hot in the Coming Days!

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The weather is still forecast to be hot over the coming days

It’s hot this Thursday, 25th May in France and this weather will continue in the coming days with often more than 30 degrees in the South West, North East through to the Île-de-France.

Discover the maps of expected temperatures at 4 pm to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday:

Weather forecast for France over the next few days
Highr temperatures are forecast over the coming days in France

Friday 26th May

It will be 25 degrees on the Normandy coast and between 25-29 degrees on the North, the Paris Basin and east of the country, much warmer south because 30 to 33 degrees are expected in the center of France and locally up to 36 degrees in the southwest.

Saturday 27th May

It will be take 28 to 31 degrees in the Paris region and in the Northeast, 29 to 30 degrees in the South East and 30 degrees in the Bordeaux region.

Sunday 28th May

This is again near Bordeaux he will warmer with 34 degrees. Temperatures a little more pleasant in the Southeast, count on 27 at 29 degrees.

It will still warm up towards the north and north-east: 29 to 31 degrees.

Monday 29th May

Temperatures will drop a bit in the Southwest (25-29 degrees) and the Paris Basin (25 degrees). In the Northeast, 30 degrees are expected again. In the Southeast, it will be between 25 and 29 degrees.

To the west, it will be cooler with no more than 16 to 19 degrees in Brittany on Monday afternoon

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