Weather in Charente: Record Temperatures this Friday

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Record temperatures are expected in the Charente this weekend

The thermometer was packed on Thursday in the Charente and could overheat Friday with possible records. The Charente advantage of this early summer. Back to normal on Monday.

The water is fresh, very fresh. The full sun. The striking contrast. On Thursday afternoon, between Saint-Simeux and Mosnac, upstream of Châteauneuf, the quiet river of the Charente has brightened many bathers. Mostly children not really afraid of the 16 degrees of the river water, too happy to take a dip when the temperature was around 31 degrees in the shade.

Auguste Laurent, bright schoolboy on holiday soon, plunged between the skewers and serve the family meal, causing her cousins and cousins with water. “He’s super good. This is not the first time I bathe, but this is the first time that I really appreciate.

A few kilometers further, a Belgian couple had parked theirs BMW convertible near St. Simeux bridge over the Charente. They are lying in the shade. Entwined. “It is paradise. We left Namur there four days, it was 15 ° C, it was grey. We arrive here to visit friends and you discover a country and a magical time. “ Nicolas, the husband refuses the picture: ” I’m an experienced surgeon in London where I work. I prefer not.”

Absolute record this Friday?

At the water’s edge or in the streets, in parks or bric-a-brac, Charentais and tourists sought a corner of freshness, a shady island, water to splash, as the pool discovery Confolens already open.

Admittedly, temperatures soared very high everywhere, to 31.9 degrees in Barbezieux. And the absolute record for the month of May (34 degrees on the 29th May, 1947 in Cognac) could be beaten on Friday.  Meteo France announces 34 degrees for Chalais, as well as 33 degrees in La Rochefoucauld, Mansle, Montmoreau …

Saturday and Sunday should be less hot. Thunderstorms are announced on Monday and Tuesday with maximum around 22 ° C.

The thermometer may rise to 35 degrees

The thermometer may reach 35 degrees in places on Friday in Charente. Which would be a record for the month of May since 1950. The previous record dated 29th May 1947 in Cognac at 34 degrees. On Thursday, a record fell in New Aquitaine: 35.1 degrees at 5pm in Biscarosse, a new record since 1964. The hottest temperature recorded in Charente was 31.9 degrees in Barbezieux.

Already open pools!

While Nautilis, the aquatic center of Grand Angoulême whose outdoor pools are open from May 20, was copiously filled Thursday’s outdoor pool Confolens, open since Wednesday, was not full. Information from the early opening was not there seems sufficiently aired, several Confolentais grateful “not knowing” they could already go for a swim. The pool will be open this weekend and then Wednesday afternoon and June weekends.

Other pools open in early June, usually only the weekend before taking their summer rate: La Couronne, Barbezieux, Rouillac, Châteauneuf, La Rochefoucauld, Saint-Claud (already open).

Regarding the pools of Cognac, Gardes-le-Pontaroux, Montmoreau and Baignes, according to information available on the Internet, they will open this summer.

Indoor swimming pools and Ruffec Chasseneuil (retractable roof) remain open during the summer.

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