Legislative: Emeline Rio for La France Insoumise in Mayenne

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Emeline Rio and her deputy, Patrice Bouillon, candidates for France Insoumise in the 2nd district.

With her deputy, Patrice Bouillon, Emeline Rio is a candidate in the legislative elections for France Insoumise in the 2nd district.

This is his first nomination and this is “the first time I voted in the Presidential elections”.  Emeline Rio, 21, is the candidate of France Insoumise, the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the legislative parliamentary elections in 2nd district of Mayenne.

A native of Morbihan, the young woman lives in Laval for two years where she is BTS services and benefits in health and social sector. She decided to commit “to the Sixth Republic and the referendum on the Constitution. For the people to be heard and for people my age, who are lost. “

Her deputy, Patrice Bouillon, 68, lives in Evron. Married and father of a child, he is retired and was responsible trade union at the national level for the CGT.

In Mayenne for five years, he initially supported the Front de gauche in 2012, before joining the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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