The Renault Douai Plant will be Stopped till Monday after the Cyberattack

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Renault closes its factory at Douai because of Cyberattack

ECONOMY: The wave of cyberattack that hit Renault forcing the car manufacturer to close its factory for a day …

The staff was notified by SMS. The management of the Renault factory Georges Besse in Douai, in the North, decided to suspend car production at the site until Monday announced La Voix du Nord . “We have taken this decision to allow IT teams to continue their work in order to secure the production,” says management.

Nearly 3,000 employees affected

These IT teams working since Saturday to prevent the spread of a virus, forcing Renault and its partners to stop the assembly line in France and abroad. The French automaker has been hit by the global wave of cyber attacks. The Douai site had not been paralyzed because it does not happen during the weekend.

Nearly 3,000 employees are affected by the actions of the Douai site. The resumption of work must take place on Monday evening for a night shift working in a workshop that provides parts for other Renault factories.

A MCA Maubeuge plant, which also produces Renault, production should resume normally on Monday morning.

Software that ransom

This cyber attack was perpetrated via ransomware. This ransomware virus software locks the user files and forces them to pay a sum of money in bitcoins, a virtual currency. In case of refusal, the pirates threatened to remove them.

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