500,000 Train Tickets at 19 € with Ouigo to Travel Cheaper This Autumn

500,000 Ouigo tickets at 19 € an exceptional offer on September 2 and 3

Ouigo is selling half a million train tickets at an unbeatable price: 19 €, enough to think about this return to his next vacation.

From this morning 6:00 am and until tomorrow evening, Ouigo offers no less than 500,000 tickets at 19 €. The operator intends to boost the attractiveness of the train for French women and men who wish to prepare for their weekend or their getaway this Autumn.

Relaunch activity and rail traffic

For SNCF and Ouigo, the stakes are essential. The decrease in traffic, and therefore the shortfall, for the company, generate a consequent loss. The company intends to restore the desire to travel to the French by making travel accessible.

After having offered discounts on almost all of these subscription cards (Carte Jeune, Senior, etc.), the rail operator, therefore, intends to relaunch traffic with this back-to-school offer, which will be followed, the company assures us. , other highlights before the end of the year.

This massive promotion occurs, while the government’s stimulus plan should also devote part of the efforts to rail transport of … goods.

Ouigo’s re-entry operation in practice

  • What? 500,000 tickets at 19 €
  • When? Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd September 
  • Or ? On the Ouigo site
  • For when ? For all return trips between the 8th September and the 2nd November 2020
  • For what destination? All (or almost all) lines are eligible

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