Legislative: The FN Reinvests all its Candidates Suspended after Support from Dupont-Aignan

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This time there is no agreement between the Front National and Debout France for the Legislative elections

LEGISLATIVE: No withdrawal and mutual support between the Front National and Debout la France in the first round of parliamentary elections …

The love stories end badly, in general! The divorce seems consumed between Le Pen and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Indeed, the Front National announced that its managers reinvest all its candidates to the legislative whose candidacy had been suspended after the rallying of support by Debout la France for Marine Le pen in the second round of the Presidential Elections.

“No mutual withdrawal from the first round of parliamentary elections”

“The political agreement with our partners Debout la France does not include any reciprocal withdrawal in the first round of legislative elections. The Front National will present candidates in all 577 constituencies. For its part, DLF will also be present in many constituencies that will not prevent the unit in the second round, as was the case in the presidential election, “it said in an internal email seen by AFP.

On Saturday, Debout la France announced it had legislative candidates “in almost all the constituencies’ , including against the FN , stating that it had always been planned. Before the second round of presidential elections, a senior FN official had explained that a principle agreement was reached between the two political parties on FN candidates and distinct DLF in the vast majority of constituencies, with reciprocal withdrawals in second round.

“The French should have the choice between several patriotic political deals”

Debout la France said on Saturday that “there will be no withdrawal and organized by 1 turn reciprocal support, as the French should have the choice between several patriotic political deals, especially when voting Republican is like signing a blank check to Emmanuel Macron. “

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