Emmanuel Macron chose DS7 as new Presidential Car

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Emmanuel Macron chose DS7 Crossback as presidential car.

Emmanuel Macron has opted for a Citroen, like its predecessor. This will be the new model: the DS7 Crossback a unique SUV with a sunroof. This is not so trivial. The car of the president is a showcase for French manufacturers.

Emmanuel Macron will be the eighth President of the 5th French Republic this Sunday 14th May.  Also on this day of his inauguration, the French were able to discover the new presidential car.

The new head of state has chosen a Crossback DS7 to go down the Champs-Elysees. This SUV DS, the latest model of the brand PSA, was introduced in February 2017. This vehicle will be marketed in France by the year’s end. For the new president, DS made some modifications of this vehicle, including a shield and a sunroof.

A showcase of French industry

Emmanuel Macron has chosen a unique model
It is a unique model with a sunroof. | AFP.

The choice of car for the president has a global effect and huge media coverage, estimated at 10 million.That’s why manufacturers are fighting for the title. Finally it is PSA that has been successful. “This is a showcase, it can really boost the sales of a model”, confirms François Roudier, spokesman of the French Automobile Manufacturers Committee.

“Remember the DS popularized by General de Gaulle whose sales took off after he escaped the attack of Petit Clamart, in 1962. Despite 150 bullet holes, punctured both front wheels and a wet floor, the driver of the president was then able to maintain the Citroën on the road and gain speed to escape the fire … “

The presidential car should symbolize “what is best in terms of French industry”.  So no way will they choose a foreign car brand.

It must also be sufficiently modern, without displaying a flashy luxury and be a sober color (blue, gray or black) failing to wipe many criticisms on the lifestyle of politicians.

Nevertheless, the presidential car is not that of Mr. all-the-world:  “It is always a unique model,” said François Rondier. It is converted into true mobile offices, as requested by Nicolas Sarkozy for his Renault Vel Satis with a high-tech art equipment. The comfort and space also prevail. “She must be able to welcome on board employees. “  And it is armored and powerful. Safety first!

The new presidential carriage is a new PSA model.
The new presidential carriage is a new PSA model. | AFP.

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