FN. Marion Maréchal-Le Pen retires from politics

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FN Vaucluse MP Marion Maréchal-Le Pen withdrew from political life.

MP for the Front National of Vaucluse, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen announced Wednesday she is to withdrew from political life. Therefore, she will leave her opposition Head of mandate PACA Regional Council and will not be a candidate for another term as MP for Vaucluse.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 27, said Wednesday in regional daily Morning Vaucluse and the Daupiné she leaves her mandate to Head PACA Regional Council and it is not a candidate for term as an MP for Vaucluse.

She had expressed on many occasions her desire to get into the world of private and caring for her family life, and wants a break from the weariness about the complicated relationships within the Front National with her aunt Marine Le Pen, dryly beaten on Sunday in the second round of presidential elections, as well as tensions with the vice president of the FN Florian Philippot.

On April 5, le Canard had already hinted that the young woman was considering not to seek a second term, and that she had left the presidency of the FN group in Paca.

“More time”  with her family life

In a letter to appear in Vaucluse Matin and Le Dauphiné on Wednesday, the youngest of the National Assembly announced that “some time out” from politics, “aspiring to work” in “the business world” but also “more time” for her family life. A decision announced on Tuesday to the leaders of the Front National and her relatives.  “If we want to acclaim in politics, we must prove to the French that there are also free and disinterested elected refusing to cling at all costs to their status and their benefits”, she justifies . 

However, “Marion”, as everyone called the Front National, “definitely does not renounce political struggle” : “I can never remain indifferent to the suffering of my compatriots”.

“A desertion” for her grandfather

“If there is not a very serious reason for this decision, I consider it a desertion” said the grandfather of the MP of the FN for Vaucluse, in an interview with figaro.fr.

According to Jean-Marie Le Pen, who had encouraged her to enter politics, her withdrawal “will create a great disappointment” . For “well beyond the Paca, Marion was a hope for the future for a lot of activists and voters of the Front National” .

“I think Marion should have taken this decision before, or wait a little because we are in an election campaign. The country awaits the verdict of the polls. What full legislative battle, one of the most loved and admired stars of the motion fails, it can have terrible consequences”, he added.

Asked if she will one day be a candidate for president, he replied: “Not if she withdraws from a fight! Because you have to gain momentum.” Jean-Marie Le Pens presented himself five times in the elections for the presidency.

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