DJ Robert Miles, Author of the Hit “Children”, Dies at 47

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The DJ Robert Miles, who was behind the hit "Children" has died

TRANCE: His hit, “Children,” has sold more than five million copies worldwide …

The world of trance is in mourning. DJ Robert Miles, author of the hit Children , died on Tuesday in Ibiza. The conditions of his death are not known at this time.

The father of the “dream trance”

Robert Miles, whose real name is Roberto Concina, is an Italian DJ, born on the 3rd November, 1969 in the Swiss Fleurier. Considered the father of the dream trance, he rose to prominence in the 1990s with the hit song Children.

The title Children was composed after seeing photographs of child victims of war in former Yugoslavia, taken by his father.

This piece also aimed to be a piece for closing a DJ set at the end of the session, so that it could calm the ravers before they hit the road to go home.

A single sold 5 million copies

The single, from his studio album Dreamland was released in June 1996 and remained for eleven weeks on the Top 50 in France, and was certified platinum. This single passed 5 million copies worldwide.

In 1997, he released Robert Miles In the mix , a compilation that brings together his favorite artists Chicane, Underworld, Goldie, Csilla, and 2 of its securities, the hits Fable and For us . The same year, he released his second album 23am that mixes his various influences (drum & bass, pop, jazz, etc.).

Robert Miles then leaves his record label and returns in 2001 with Organik, mix of world music, trip-hop and chill-out, critically acclaimed. In 2004, he released Miles Gurty, the fruit of his collaboration with the Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu. His latest album, Th1rt3en, an electro-rock mix, out in 2011.

His music, soft and rhythmic, now based rappers. In 2015, Tyga has sampled Children for her single Stimulated.

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