Donges: Blocking Finished at Oil Depot, Saturday Morning

Local News
Some strikers this morning in Donges.

Eight drivers of hazardous materials returned on Saturday morning at 4 am, to the entrances of the oil depot SFDM and the Total refinery in Donges (Loire-Atlantique). To block the access of trucks on the call of the CGT, to demand more recognition for their work. But they broke camp this morning at 9 am.

They were fifteen yesterday, Friday . Still eight on Saturday morning, from 4 am to block truck access to the fuel depot SFDM and the Total refinery at Donges. These drivers of hazardous materials answered the call of the CGT for a national mobilization to demand greater recognition of the profession, including salary.

They finally broke camp at 9 am this morning. “No more truck arrived in the area. They have all been diverted to other sites,” noted Philippe Kerloch, driver in Samat, to Prinquiau.According to the representative of the movement, no further mobilization is, for now, scheduled for Monday,unless men mistake to make blockages.

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