Trignac One Dead in Plane crash 1

Trignac One Dead in Plane crash

Terrible accident this afternoon in Trignac. A light plane crashed on the bike path. The pilot is dead. The light passenger plane  took off from Montoir-de-Bretagne airport . According to witnesses, he would have gone into a spin by flying over the Emmaüs warehouse rue Baptiste Marcet, in the Altitude zone in Trignac.  A few meters further, at the Netter city near the […]

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The drugs were found in a cargo ship at the port of Saint-Nazaire

Port of Saint-Nazaire: 294 Kilos of Cocaine Seized from Cargo Ship

The drugs were found Friday 12th January in a container on a cargo ship that had to land on the docks of the port of Nantes/Saint-Nazaire. A major drug seizure was conducted Friday 12th Januaryat the docks of the port of Nantes / Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique). 294 kilos of cocaine were discovered by the police in Nantes “in a […]

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Some strikers this morning in Donges.

Donges: Blocking Finished at Oil Depot, Saturday Morning

Eight drivers of hazardous materials returned on Saturday morning at 4 am, to the entrances of the oil depot SFDM and the Total refinery in Donges (Loire-Atlantique). To block the access of trucks on the call of the CGT, to demand more recognition for their work. But they broke camp this morning at 9 am. They were […]

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