Mayenne: 90,000 € Less for Culture in 2017

Local News
Jean-Pierre Le Scornet denounces the drop in finance for Culture in Mayenne

The regional councilor Jean-Pierre Le Scornet denounces the decline of regional grants to local culture in the Mayenne for 2017.

30,000 € less for the Missing Link, 15,000 € for Mayenne culture 10,000 € for the Theatre of Laval and for both the Square in Chateau-Gontier, 7000 € for the festival of the Three elephants … Compared to 2016, Mayenne grants to cultural organizations were revised downward.

Attack on Mayenne Culture

For a total amount of 90,000 €. “It is an attack of the Mayenne culture, castigates Jean-Pierre Le Scornet, regional adviser of Loire and member of the Culture Committee.  Since the beginning of the year 2017, the regional majority, led by Bruno Retailleau, there has been many cuts in the field of culture. “

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