Jean-Jacques Goldman Could Never Return to the Stage by Michael Jones

Jean-Jacques Goldman may never return to the stage

MUSIC: Singer Michael Jones, close to Jean-Jacques Goldman told that he may not resume his musical career …

He had understood: the Enfoirés, it’s over. But the stage too? In any case, that is what was implied by Michael Jones, the longtime friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman, to Alessandra Sublet in La Cour des Grands on Europe 1, while the host asked about the ability to record a new tube as Je te donne, released in 1985.

His musical career on hold

“We talked about it many times, but the decision is taken. He decided to live in Britain for two years for the education of his children. No opinion will change,” he said. He also considers it possible that Jean-Jacques Goldman will never return to the stage. “For the moment, he put a huge digression on his music career, so it’s not a final parenthesis elsewhere,” he argued.

This could break the heart of many fans …

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