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Man Found Dead and Tied Up in Lisieux: Two Young Jailed

Two young people have admitted their involvement in the death of a 58 year old man, found bound in her apartment.

In the popular district of Hauteville, Lyautey Avenue in Lisieux (Calvados), people are stunned. The death of their neighbor Joel Lageirse aged 58 years old, found bound on Friday in his apartment left them in shock.

On Saturday night, three people, including two minors, were arrested , with identity papers found there. But “the investigation has narrowed to two of them” , an 18 year old and a minor aged 16 and a half years, said Carole Etienne, yesterday, one of the Attorney prosecutors from Caen.

“Brawl and violence”

During their detention, “they acknowledged their participation in the facts” . The investigation will have to “verify the role of each, but also the intention of killing” . According to investigations, the two young people were first consumed alcohol and were then made to the fifties. “One of them knew. The evening degenerated into brawling and violence. All that remains to be clarified ” , said the prosecutor. An autopsy must be performed later this week to determine the causes of death.

The survey also covers a second case, made the same day, but later in the night: the kidnapping of a seventy year old, living a few blocks away. Found alive, the second victim, too, was tied up in their home. “The motive was more utility. They stole his credit card and his car keys, before stealing the vehicle. ”

The two young men were brought yesterday to the prosecutor. They should be placed in provisional detention for “intentional homicide, kidnapping and aggravated extortion” , said the prosecutor.

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