Jean Miot, Former Head of Figaro and AFP, has Died

Jean Miot, former head of Figaro and AFP, died in Monday night of heart failure at the age of 77 years.

Jean Miot, former head of Figaro and AFP, died on Monday night of heart failure at the age of 77 years, we have learned from his family.

The French press Baron had spent thirty years in the Hersant group, first as a journalist and then as director of several regional titles, before becoming president of the Figaro’s Supervisory Board from 1993 to 1996. He was subsequently became CEO Agence France-Presse from 1996 to 1999.

M. Miot, born July 30, 1939, died at his home in Saint-Denis-de-Jouhet, in his native Berry. The son of a piano tuner, he started very young at Press Center in Poitiers. He then made all the trades of the press, journalist localier secretary to writing, food columnist in charge of a distribution center.

France Antilles, Paris Normandy, Le Figaro …

The “avid reader” Robert Hersant eventually put him in charge of many newspapers including France Antilles, Havre-Presse in Paris Normandy, Berry Républicain, North Morning, Nord Eclair and Le Figaro, he was Managing Director from 1980 to 1993 before becoming chairman of the supervisory board. He was also a member of the general management of the Hersant group.

Known for its massive silhouette and bow ties, the good living, Freemason, also directed several press associations, the Union of Parisian press (1986-1996) and the National Federation of the French press (1993-1996 ).

After 3 years as head of the AFP, which he had previously been a director for many years, he had then been replaced by Eric Giuily.

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