Consumer Confidence of households still stagnated in April in France

Consumer confidence was once again stagnated in April

Consumer confidence is still stagnated in France in April, remaining at its long-run average to which it is anchored since the beginning of the year, according to data released on Wednesday by the INSEE.

The indicator synthesizing this confidence is maintained for the fourth consecutive month to 100 – its highest level since October 2007 – in line with expectations of economists polled by Reuters.

While most components of this indicator remained relatively stable, the survey in April showed a decline in household fears about unemployment, which reached their lowest level since June 2008.

The balance corresponding to household concerns about the evolution of unemployment, which is six months well below its long-term average, thus continues to move away, said INSEE.

The slightly less optimistic households

Households’ opinion about their financial situation and that their saving capacity remained relatively stable in April, as the proportion of households considering it appropriate to spare.

The proportion of households finding it appropriate to make major purchases comes however up three points and back above its long term average.

They are slightly less optimistic about the evolution of their past living standards (down two points), while their opinion on their future standard of living to its highest level since October 2007 (up to a point).

Regarding inflation, households are less likely to anticipate an increase in prices over the next twelve months and they are also less likely to agree that prices have increased over the previous twelve months.

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