Presidential: The Manif are all Mobilized against Macron

General News
The organisation Manif opposes Macron in Presidential Election

POLICY: The organization is opposed to the “anti-family presidential candidate” …

“Macron is a no.” The organization, Manif who are responsible for the spearheading opposition to gay marriage law, called on Tuesday to oppose Emmanuel Macron, saying the representative of En Marche! was a “candidate openly anti-family.”

“Emmanuel Macron is preparing an anti-family policy. For families, for children, for the future, May 7: Macron it is not,” said the president of Ludovine movement Rochèrein in a statement, without giving further instructions to vote.

On the evening of the first round, Sens commun, political offshoot of the Manif urged all to support François Fillon, but now has refused to choose between the two candidates qualified for the second round of presidential elections.

By opposing the candidate Macron, The Manif for All, “has always refused to give any instructions to vote” and said he was “free and independent of all parties,” goes further.

“He passed the money before the human”

For the collective that emerged in the fight against the Taubira law legalizing marriage for all by 2013, “the Emmanuel Macron program is the continuation of the anti-family policy for 5 years by François Hollande, Manuel Valls and Christiane Taubira. ”

Manif for all denounces the use of medically assisted procreation (MAP) for same-sex couples, “the regularization of pregnancy to others (GPA) made abroad” or the “fiscal overkill families.” “Emmanuel Macron intends to take following the five-year period that ends and continue the civilization of upheaval. Candidate openly anti-family, he passed the money before humans, “she complains.

Supported b ySens commun, François Fillon announced that he would vote for Emmanuel Macron the grounds that there was “no choice against the extreme right”, immediately after acknowledging his defeat.

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