Troadec Case: Search Resumes in Pont-de-Buis

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This Thursday, the research focuses on the banks of the Alder in the Trodec Case

Inspectors and technicians of the judicial police joined Thursday’s search of the farm Stang in the Troadec case, at the hamlet of Logonna-Quimerc’h in Pont-de-Buis (Finistère), where Hubert Caouissin and Lydia Troadec lived. The man is suspected of murdering four members of the family Troadec in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique). Yesterday, human remains and jewelry were found near the farm.

Housed in the multipurpose room available to them by the municipality of Pont-de-Buis, inspectors and technicians of the judicial police joined the Trodeac case at 8 am this Thursday morning, at the excavation site of the farm of Stang in the hamlet of Logonna-Quimerc ‘ h in Pont-de-Buis (Finistère).

They are continuing their research to find human remains that the alleged murderer of the Troadec family, Hubert Caouissin, partially buried on the 32 hectares of the property acquired in 2015 by the couple.

Low tide

In total 140 CRS officers of Le Havre and Poitiers are mobilized. They are accompanied in their research, by thirty technicians of the judicial police and forty investigators from the Laboratory of Ecully, near Lyon. All will continue their investigations around the farm.

This morning, investigators take advantage of the low tide on Alder to expand the search area. They have created paths through the mud by cutting reeds and probe the edges of the maritime river.

There is therefore now, two search areas: one marked in the undergrowth and another, smaller, on the banks of the Alder. It is on the latter that investigators are focusing on this Thursday.

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