Storm Zeus: More than 440 Interventions in Loire-Atlantique

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The awning of a Total service station in Saint-Brevin, did not resist the strong winds of storm Zeus on Monday.

Storm Zeus raged in the department of the Loire Atlantique, on Monday 6th March. Trees uprooted, lying trucks on their side, bridges cut off to traffic. At 7.15pm, the fire brigade department were documenting over 440 interventions.

Storm Zeus swept up the middle of the Loire-Atlantique afternoon Monday March 6th. At 19 h 15, the fire brigade department were documenting over 440 interventions.

Two sectors were mainly affected: the coastline, including the north, the peninsula Guérande and Saint Nazaire agglomeration, as well as the Pays de Retz, as well as the south of Nantes, which was also heavily affected.

Six times more calls than the previous day

A variety of interventions have marked the day of the fire brigade. The number of calls arriving at the emergency number 18 was multiplied by six from the previous day.

Half of the interventions was linked to various objects that threatened to fall (sheets, chimneys, TV antennas, etc.); a quarter concerned electrical wires that had fallen to the ground.

Fortunately, this new stormy disturbance did not leave anyone seriously injured. “Three minor injuries is all that has been reported, two of these resulted in the closure of bridges Cheviré and Saint-Nazaire.”, Says the commander Damien Saillier, officer of the 18 emergency call center, which he recalls: ” On an event like this, we are very busy. It is important that people call us for emergencies. “

1112 firefighters were mobilized throughout the department to deal with the consequences of the storm Zeus.

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