Missing Family near Nantes: Former Brother in Law Confessed to the Quadruple Murder

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Missing family near Nantest. Former brother-in-law confessed to the quadruple murder

The former brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec confirmed during his custody, he killed the evening of February 16, his former brother-in-law of Pascal and the latter’s wife, Brigitte, and their two children.The information was confirmed by the public prosecutor of Nantes. Pascal’s Troadec sister says she was not involved in this quadruple homicide.

While a week ago, all eyes turned to the son, this is a turning point that took place at the police station of Brest with the confession of the former brother-in-law of Pascal Troadec, yesterday in the late afternoon. The latter would, in the evening of the 16th February, remove the Troadec couple and their two children.

Heard by the police at the very beginning of the investigation, the man, had recognized tensions with the Troadec family, saying that he had not been in contact with them for several years. It would have been against its contradictions by investigators.

Investigators working over the weekend were able to track a family dispute . They were interested in a potential problem over inheritantance and legacy of the father’s side, Pascal Troadec. A track that seems to have paid off with these confessions gathered yesterday in custody in Brest.

The DNA found in-law in the house

The DNA of the former partner’s sister Pascal troadec would according to RTL, was found in the house of Orvault and in the car of Sébastien Troadec, the son also disappeared and whose carefully cleaned vehicle had been found at Saint Nazaire. It is this information that would have prompted investigators to place the former brother-in-law in custody on Sunday 5th march.  During the night of 16th to the 17th February, the Troadec family had not given any sign of life. The father, Pascal, mother Brigitte, son Sebastian and the daughter Charlotte were thus murdered following a family dispute over an inheritance.

The different stages of Troadec case, missing from Nantes since 16th February
The different stages of Troadec case. | Visactu computer graphics.

Still many questions

If the former brother-in-law confessions sound like a breakthrough in the investigation, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. Where are the bodies of the victims? How the alleged killer was able to disappear without attracting attention? Did he also act alone? What are the motivations that drove the former brother-in-law to this terrible end? So many questions that remain to be clarified.

To do this, the main suspect and the sister of Pascal Troadec could be transferred in the day from Brest to Nantes for a presentation before the magistrate who investigated the case. The latter could decide an indictment of the former brother-in-law  and sister.

A press conference of Nantes prosecutor is expected later in the day this Monday around 5pm.

The bodies of four family members Troadec Pascal, Brigitte, Sébastien and Charlotte, are so far not found.
The bodies of four family members Troadec Pascal, Brigitte, Sébastien and Charlotte, are so far not found. | AFP / Judicial Police

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