A 52 Year old Motorist Died in Accident at Angouleme

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A 52 year old motorist dies in an accident in Angouleme

A dramatic traffic accident occurred on Sunday shortly before 3 am at the 67 boulevard Besson Bey, in Angouleme, close to several nightclubs.

A 52 year old man died after a violent collision. He was traveling in a Peugeot 207, against the flow of the traffic for an unspecified reason. His vehicle rammed into the Audi A4 that was travelling in the other direction and whose driver, a 26-year-old injured and badly shaken, was taken to the hospital of Angouleme by firefighters.

In light of the significant damage to two vehicles, police do not exclude at this stage that the speed can be involved. The alcohol screening and drug use have yet to be charged.

The investigation continues.

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