Briec: A series of Burglaries in the Night of Monday to Tuesday

Local News
On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the bar-tabac The eighteenth to Briec-de-Odet (Finistère) was burglarized. Three other attempts occurred the same night in this county.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the bar-tabac ‘Le XVIIIe’ in Briec-de-Odet (Finistère) was burglarized. The thieves entered by breaking a large bay window, before leaving with tobacco. The same night, the bakery-bar Le Bistroquet and two main homes of individuals located in the countryside have been attempted burglaries.

Several burglaries and burglary attempts took place in the night of Monday to Tuesday in Briec ( Finistère ). Thieves broke into the bar-tabac The XVIII e breaking a large bay window. They fled with tobacco, but the damage remained unknown yesterday.

Three other attempts in the same night

Later in the night without the police do not yet of rapprochement with the first burglary, bakery bar the Bistroquet was the subject of an attempted burglary, as the main homes of two individuals campaign.

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