Weather: Mild, but for How Long?

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Mild weather in France, but how long will it last ?

The mild temperatures of this beginning of February should last for some time, according to Météo France.

Like a spring air in the atmosphere. And it should last. The softness settled in France since the beginning of February. According to Meteo France, it should generally be maintained across the country next week, although it will be less marked.

If temperatures remain high, the sun however not always be at the rendezvous. The agency provides for the maintenance of “cloud intrusions” of the last days, especially in the West. Precipitation should also invite in northern France. “A concern often wet the north while the south, especially around the Mediterranean, drier weather will prevail. The sweetness will continue throughout the country with above normal temperatures” provides the monthly newsletter of Weather for France next week.

Temperatures worthy of April

The first half of February was particularly soft in France. On Wednesday, temperatures even reached season records, with a sweetness and sunshine worthy of April. “The temperatures soared to 20 °C in Dax, 19 ° C in Bordeaux and Chateauroux, 18 °C to Nevers and Bourges and 17 °C in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse” by Météo France. “This situation is explained by the presence of a strong anticyclone (more than 1030 hPa) on the Baltic Sea and along the depression of Iceland which is extended by a low pressure corridor to the Bay of Biscay. The two combined placed France in the south predominantly flows pretty sweet, “the agency said in its bulletin.

This time should last at least until the middle of next week, with between 10 and 15 degrees until Thursday. Some rains are expected in the northern half of France, but temperatures will remain well above the usual average. No new cold wave is planned for the rest of February.

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