The CIA Spied on the French presidential Campaign of 2012?

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Wikileaks reveal documents that the CIA spied on the French Presidential elections of 2012

Espionage: Wikileaks published secret documents of the US intelligence agency where the names of several French candidates are quoted …

New revelations of Wikileaks. The site created by Julian Assange released on Thursday three secret CIA documents revealing that the US intelligence agency had orchestrated a campaign of espionage of the French presidential election in 2012.

According to these documents also published by  Libération , Mediapart  and  La Republica, the CIA asked the NSA (National Security Agency) which specializes in different scenarios, to monitor the different candidates invested in the French elections.

The UMP targeted

The documents, like purchase orders, dated November 2011. They list several themes, all related to the presidential campaign. Particularly orders targeting the UMP, the CIA seeking the  “strategic plans” of the party.

We also learn that the CIA believed that Nicolas Sarkozy was “not guaranteed to be re-elected.” The US agency then ordered its agents to learn about private discussions of the former Head of State “about the other candidates.”

Other French politicians are also cited in the documents published by Wikileaks. We thus find the names of Martine Aubry and François Hollande, the two finalists of the primary PS but also of Le Pen and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.


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