Video Game: A record year in France, “FIFA” and “Pokemon” a Bestseller

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FIFA 17 is the most popular video game sold in France in 2016, as the gaming market increases

GAMING: With a turnover of 3.46 billion euros and more than 4% growth …

The video game market is doing well, very well. In France alone, it achieved a turnover of 3.46 billion euros, or more than 4% growth. As detailed this Thursday morning  the union of video game publishers (SELL) at a press conference, this figure covers both the hardware, software and accessories, with the breakdown: 63% for the ecosystem console, 29% for PC and 8% for mobile.

FIFA 17 , the most sold in 2017 cultural property

As for games, dematerialized won with 46% of sales, against 40% for the physical and 14% for mobile. And for the fourth consecutive year, FIFA leads with 1.4 million copies sold across all platforms. But beware, this figure does not include digital sales or “bundles”, and could therefore be revised upwards. FIFA 17 is actually the cultural property as sold last year in France.

Thank you “Pokémon”

With 805,000 sales, Pokémon Moon and Sun is on the second place, and allows Nintendo to achieve its best start in France. Suit Battlefield 1 of Electronic Arts which, with 509,000 copies, did better than its direct competitor and history, Call of Duty with the latest iteration, Infinite Warfare , has won “only” 466,000 players. Note the longevity of GTA V and Minecraft , still present in the top 20, and the entry of new licenses The Division, Overwatch and Yokai Watch .
SELL also expects an historic year 2017, with new records and beautiful vistas, including the release of the Nintendo Switch , the project Scorpio console from Microsoft and the increase in sales from VR .

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