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Featuring a beautiful room at the Buttes complex, different handball teams train every week.

SPORT: With 185 licensed players, the handball club of Kistreberh class A senior team and under 16 years are in the regional competition.

Created in 1991 by a group of friends, handball club of Kistreberh region increased from 120 to 185 graduates in two years. A progression that its president, William Bellat attribute the actions of sensitization carried out in schools. “We are making animations in the classes of CM1 and CM2. The aim is to sensitize young people to the sport to try to keep them as long as possible to feed the first team. “

This approach allows the club to have boys and girls team in each category and to feed his handball school for children 5 to 8 years.

Regular training

Featuring a beautiful room at the Buttes complex, different teams train every week. The club has an employee coach four hours a week which works with the regional team and under 13 well placed in the league.

Only sharing the room during weekend raises concerns. “A third of our home games take place in other local venues,” says Guillaume.

Two teams in regional

Since 2015, a senior team plays in regional where it remained last season, finishing ninth out of twelve. “But this year, the level is more difficult and the maintenance is at stake” , Guillaume advance.

However, this rise has energized a second team, with less than 16 years. Third championship in the summer of 2016, they play in September in the regional. “Between fifteen and sixteen players regularly turn in this team,” says Guillaume creating good internal emulation supported by volunteer leaders who are very involved in the dynamics of the club.

Team spirit

When asked William about the motivations that lead to the handball, it highlights “the pleasure of the ball game and the collective nature of this game that quickly takes over. “ Team spirit and born naturally and is reinforced by collective moments outside of practices and games, such as sports outlets in high level competitions like the World Championships in Brest where the club moved.

Play for fun

If HBCRK aligns many teams in all categories of players, with a pretty good parity between girls and boys, and well site are in county championship, he does not forget the sport leisure practice. An adult team is thus composed of a dozen people, men and women.

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