Haven, a game "made in France" for the feast of lovers.

Video Game Test. For Valentine’s Day, Discover Haven, a Role-Playing Game and Romance

Developed by the French studio The Game Bakers (Montpellier), Haven takes us on a dreamlike and romantic adventure on an unknown planet. Ideal for Valentine’s Day. Created in 2010 in Montpellier, by former Ubisoft employees, The Game Bakers studio was illustrated in 2016 with its fighting game “Furi”, as brilliant as it is difficult. The tricolour studio returns with an even […]

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In Assassin's Creed Unity, it is possible to visit and climb Notre-Dame de Paris, reproduced with stunning realism.

In homage to Notre-Dame, Ubisoft offers Assassin’s Creed Unity, a video game that Recreates the Cathedral

The video game publisher Ubisoft, located in Bordeaux, provides free Internet Assassin’s Creed Unity where Notre-Dame is reproduced at (near) perfection. Five years after its release, the video game Assassin’s Creed Unity has – unfortunately – been brought up to date, after the terrible fire of April 15, 2019 that ravaged Notre-Dame de Paris . In this game that takes place in […]

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2017 is a record year for the video game market in France.

In 2017, The Video Game Generated in France a Historic Turnover of 4.3 Billion Euros

According to a report just published, the video game market generated in France, in 2017, a turnover of 4.3 billion euros. An increase of 18% compared to 2016. In France, the video game industry is doing well. For the fifth consecutive year, the videogame market recorded a consequent increase of its turnover in France. The Leisure Software Publishers Union (SELL) has […]

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Video Game review of Call of Duty World War 2

Video Game Test: Call of Duty WWII, Breathtaking Immersion in the Second World War

Call Of Duty WWII offers an ultra-realistic adventure in the hell of the Second World War, with the Normandy landings as a starting point. On PS4, Xbox One and PC. Call Of is making a triumphant return on the home consoles, with Call Of Duty WWII. An authentic return to the origins, on the floor of the cows, in […]

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FIFA 17 is the most popular video game sold in France in 2016, as the gaming market increases

Video Game: A record year in France, “FIFA” and “Pokemon” a Bestseller

GAMING: With a turnover of 3.46 billion euros and more than 4% growth … The video game market is doing well, very well. In France alone, it achieved a turnover of 3.46 billion euros, or more than 4% growth. As detailed this Thursday morning  the union of video game publishers (SELL) at a press conference, this […]

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Masaya Nakamura, known as the father of "Pac Man" has died

“Pac-Man” Masaya Nakamura, Father of Famous Game, Died at age 91 years

The founder of Namco and father of “Pac Man” died on 22nd January … He was known as “the father of Pac-Man”, famous game of the 1980s . Masaya Nakamura, Japanese pioneer of video games, died on the 22nd January at the age of 91 years, announced on Monday by the Bandai-Namco group. In 1955 […]

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Pixelnest have developed a game translated to Breton

Rennes: Pixelnest Create an Arcade Game in Breton

Their game is available on the Steam platform since yesterday … When you download their game, you have the choice of language. French and English, of course, but also South Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and even Breton!  Mathieu Oger and Damien Mayance are two game developers from Rennes.  In recent days, they scan the evolution […]

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