China: Foreign video games obtain a license, a first in eighteen months

China: Foreign Video Games Obtain a License, a First in Eighteen Months

GAMING: The country had not licensed a foreign video game since June 2021 China on Wednesday granted licenses to foreign video games. This type of authorization is a first in eighteen months, auguring a certain relaxation in a sector undermined by the Chinese authorities. If video games represent a significant financial windfall in the country, they were in the crosshairs […]

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Nintendo believes the creator of the site sought to destroy evidence.

Nintendo Demands $ 15 Million from Former Illegal Site for Stealing Games

PIRACY: The RomUniverse site is accused of having distributed for ten years thousands of Nintendo games from the Japanese firm Nintendo is seeking $ 15 million in damages from RomUniverse, a former pirate site that allowed Internet users to illegally download copies of video games. As reported by Phonandroid, which uses information from Torrent Freak, the Japanese firm filed a complaint in September 2019. […]

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2017 is a record year for the video game market in France.

In 2017, The Video Game Generated in France a Historic Turnover of 4.3 Billion Euros

According to a report just published, the video game market generated in France, in 2017, a turnover of 4.3 billion euros. An increase of 18% compared to 2016. In France, the video game industry is doing well. For the fifth consecutive year, the videogame market recorded a consequent increase of its turnover in France. The Leisure Software Publishers Union (SELL) has […]

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Some Joy-Con Nintendo Switch suffer from a connectivity problem

Nintendo has Corrected the Joy-Con issue of the Switch

VIDEO GAME: Customers affected should contact the Nintendo customer service for free repair … Has your Joy-Con had problems with connectivity? You’re not alone. But Nintendo has identified the problem, due to “a manufacturing variation” that affected “a small number” of the switch controllers. The problem has now been tracked down and fixed, and the […]

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The Nintendo 3DS will not suffer from the launch of the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo France: “The 3DS will not Suffer from the Release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017”

Each arrival of a new console, players are wondering the same thing: do other manufacturer’s platforms are caused to die quickly or do they have a future? One issue that appears twice with the Nintendo Switch , eyeing both on the market for Wii U and 3DS with its hybrid format. But according to Nintendo […]

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FIFA 17 is the most popular video game sold in France in 2016, as the gaming market increases

Video Game: A record year in France, “FIFA” and “Pokemon” a Bestseller

GAMING: With a turnover of 3.46 billion euros and more than 4% growth … The video game market is doing well, very well. In France alone, it achieved a turnover of 3.46 billion euros, or more than 4% growth. As detailed this Thursday morning  the union of video game publishers (SELL) at a press conference, this […]

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