Missing family near Nantes. “As if the house had stopped living”

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In this house in Orvault, near Nantes, live a couple and their two children 18 and 20 years, they have disappeared since February 16.

The traces of blood found in the house of Orvault, near Nantes, indeed belong to the family Troadec. The father, mother, daughter and son missing for ten days. The car is also trying to be found.

The investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a family of four near Nantes progresses, the analysis of traces of blood found in the family home that showed Sunday that this blood is the one of one or more family members. But the mystery remains.

What are the latest developments in the investigation?

An investigation was opened for “intentional homicide, kidnapping.” The urgently requested laboratory has reported the results of its analysis Sunday, February 26: the bloodstains belong to one or more members of the missing family for ten days in Orvault, near Nantes: Pascal Troadec, his wife and their two children, aged 21 and 18.

Pierre seine, the prosecutor, declined to say more. “It is not impossible that further withdrawals take place. We really want to use all the clues in the house.” Traces of blood were found on a mobile phone and headsets, and “summarily wiped” in several parts of the house.

When police entered there Thursday night, “it was 8 degrees, the heating had been cut”. He did not rule out a particular disorder. The house had not been emptied. But in the rooms, the beds were unmade, the sheets removed. Laundry drying on a clothes line, there were a few dishes in the sink and some expired products in the refrigerator.  “It is as if the house had stopped living at a time T.”  No toothbrushes or hairbrushes. “But we were able to retrieve personal belongings that will allow us to compare the DNA.”

The car of the son, “a Peugeot 307 white or cream” , is still missing. Its description was broadcast to the entire territory, including the border. It is also sought on parking stations or airports. No movement has been detected on the bank accounts of members of this very discreet family.

What do we know about this family?

Troadec Pascal, born in Brest 49 years ago, is described by members of his entourage as “taciturn depressive” . The son, 21 year old student residing in the Maine-et-Loire, would have been a psychological follow it two years ago. A friend from high school daughter of the family, described the brother of it as someone “who lives in a bubble.”  It also describes the woman as someone “shy, gentle and discreet, which would not hurt anyone, but not very good about yourself” . Another friend of the girl was heard Sunday by police.

Any clues where this investigation is going ?

Can we advance the hypothesis of intra-family drama? The prosecutor wants to remain cautious. “has a third party intervened? Is it an act of domestic violence? There is nothing to favor one or the other track” , he explains. The mystery remains.

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