Brillac: 670 Inhabitants and 8 Cameras to Monitor the Village

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8 Security cameras are being placed in the small village of Brissac in the Charente

The image of Brillac, the small village embarks on CCTV. Eight cameras will be installed on the town hall, the municipal workshops and multiple rural buildings.

The holiday village intrusions, graffiti at the town hall and school, burnt containers … No, it’s not Chicago, but the small village of Brillac in the Charente But to end the incivility and vandalism, the town of 670 inhabitants decided to bet on video surveillance. “When we saw that it worked well in Lessac, we submitted the idea to the City Council,” says the mayor, Jacky Martineau, which recognizes that “some politicians do not understand the value.”

The decision was taken in June. In the process, the municipality sent an application to the prefecture. “The departmental committee of video-protection gave a favorable opinion in October.” And, as in Lessac is the ADTI based company Brie, which was retained by the City Council. Its director, Pascal Petit, came Tuesday lay the equipment.

“Beneficial to our action”

For an amount of 5,500 euros, eight cameras in total, should be placed, five for mayor and municipal workshops that will have an eye on the place, parking, intersection and Traverse Street; three also face multiple rural. “There are often incidents at gasoline pumps. People come pull the pipes to fill cans … “ The mayor said that the grocery store was robbed four times in 2010. Since then, ” there have been other failed attempts. “

“This video, this is not political. We hope it will have a deterrent effect , adds Jacky Martineau. With these cameras, you will have proof. “ The elected regrets that the inhabitants of his town often reluctant to complain in case of theft or damage ” for fear of reprisals “ . “But the police still come regularly.”

Company commander of Confolens, Thomas Dejonghe confirmed that “there is a cyclical business on Brillac” . The installation of this new system, “the town of the initiative” is the result “of a reflection with the security referent” “For us it will be a plus. This is beneficial to our action. If offenses are committed, this will be an additional element in the record. “

The images stored for a fortnight and will be viewed in case of incident. Three people are entitled to watch the video footage, the Mayor, a deputy and the corresponding defense.

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