Weather: Rain in the Spotlight this Week for the Mayenne

Local News
The weather for the Mayenne is mainly for rain for most of the week

This is a week full of rain for the Mayenne. After a rainy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be mixed days. From Thursday to Sunday, no doubt: the rain will reign supreme.

It’s the sun, it is where? Not in Mayenne in any case, reflecting a first week of February rather sullen, if not downright sad from Thursday.

If the sun will make some timid forays into the local sky Tuesday afternoon, its appearance is compromised until Sunday according to forecasts by Météo-France. It is the rain that will set the tone for the week, and will occupy the ground unchallenged, especially this weekend.

Only positive, with the rain, comes the increase in temperatures, with a peak on Tuesday and Wednesday at 12 degrees average across the department (14 degrees locally for Chateau-Gontier). But starting Friday, it will drop below ten degrees.

Under umbrellas, keep smiling! 😉

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