“L’étoile”: Celine Dion Connects with a New Song Full of Hope

L'Etoile, Celine Dion new song for 2017

To start 2017 in joy, Celine Dion chose a new single from her album “Encore un soir”. This is the title “L’étoile” written by Grand Corps Malade and co-written by Florent Mothe et Mutine …

The year 2017 will again be that of Celine Dion. Indeed, affected by the death of René Angélil a year ago, the singer connects with new projects and will kiss success again and again. Continuing her residence in Las Vegas with her show “Celine …”, which celebrated its 1000th show, the singer of “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” again captivated the French in the heart with her latest album “Encore un Soir”, carried by the single of the same name written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. As she is due to release a new album in English in 2017, that a musical about her life is in preparation and that a European tour could be launched in the coming months, Celine Dion could count on the unwavering support of her French fans: “Encore un Soir” has sales of 630,000 to date.

“As long as we hope enlightens”

Thanks to this plebiscite, the artist picks and the second best selling album of 2016, behind Renaud. And Celine Dion has not said the last word. While the video for “Encore un Soir” was never revealed in its entirety and sent it to radio the ballad “Si c’était à refaire” in October, it is a new song from the album “Encore un Soir” that takes over in early 2017. in the hope of landing a single to boost sales of its beautiful disc, Celine Dion has set her sights on “l’Etoile” written by Grand Corps Malade and co-composed by Florent Mothe and Mutina.

And it’s not a ballad! The international star shakes here a little of her image by proposing a pop-folk type song and resolutely optimistic. ” As long as I can I will light up / Open your eyes / It there’s so much to do / Because everything is ephemeral / We can do better / No time to be silent ,” she sings with passion, grateful to his lucky star. A nice way to start 2017!

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