Cotes d’Armor: Ice Causing a few Slides on Roads

Local News
Many accidents caused by icy roads in the Cotes d'Armor

Six ice-related accidents were reported last night and Sunday morning. Nothing like Saturday morning when the ice caused one dead and twenty wounded in the Cotes d’Armor.

The most notable accident occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday, around 2 am, to Trédaniel, near Moncontour, on the road to Collinée (D6), at a place called Le Tertre de Launay. A boy of 21 years had lost control of his car.  He went into two trees. The victim was conscious, was trapped in the cockpit. Firefighters had to cut him free before being transported to the hospital Yves Le Foll at Saint-Brieuc.

Other accidents have occurred in the areas of Loudéac and Ploeuc-Hermitage.

Depending on the services of the department, the phenomenon is the same as Saturday morning to a lesser extent: Despite the rise in temperatures, rainfall of the last hour of the still cold pavement can cause the appearance of localized black ice, especially at daybreak. salting operations have been performed on some sections of county roads especially south of the RN12. Stay vigilant. “

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